Green Lubricants

Ecogreen Biosyn oil is a revolutionary green biosynthetic oil. These oils can be blended into a variety of viscosities to meet most lubricant applications. The oils are compatible with common lubricant base oils and additives, they serve as an easy drop-in for most existing formulations available in the market.

The key benefits include:

Typical applications for Ecogreen Biosyn Base Oils include:

Ecogreen Biosyn oils are specially formulated to provide maximum engine performance and increase fuel economy.

Our bio-based base oils deliver important performance advantages, including superior anti-wear protection, excellent performance in both hot and cold environments and drop-in compatibility with petroleum based products.

Ecofriendly advantages include nontoxicity, farm sourced bio-content, renewability, reduced CO2 emissions and improved biodegradability.

USDA Bio-Preferred

Estolides are a class of innovative, high-performing, synthetic compounds derived from renewable sources



PCMO Formulation

Using Ecogreen Biosyn Base Oils allows formulators the ability to create superior performing passenger car motor oils that meet and exceed the toughest industry standards.


Engine Cleanliness

Field Trial Details

Technical Performance

Under severe stop and go conditions showed formulations had far less varnish and demonstrated performance benefits not attainable with petroleum-based products alone.