Solar Solutions

We offer a range of solar solutions that cater to different needs and applications. Our solutions include full off-grid solutions to specific solar applications for a wide range of industries. Our Solar Solutions include:

Solar Tree (eTree)

The eTree is powered by solar panels that produce energy directly from the sun. It is an independent unit that produces green energy and provides a place of comfort and energy for a wide variety of services. The eTree has been deployed in worldwide locations such as the Caribbean, China, France, Israel and North America. This is a "smart", independent unit which is self-sufficient, small solar energy generating station. It creates energy for the following services: Several other services may be provided upon demand.

Market Segments

The eTree can be used as a stand alone off-grid solution or it can be incorporated into a Nanogrid, Microgrid or Smart Grids.

Solar Cold Chain Solutions

Our off-grid solutions are customizable and detail-driven to ensure reliable performance engineering of the highest quality. We are your choice for durable, reliable and sustainable off-grid solutions. We specialize in high-end, industrial-sized solutions that will bring life-saving refrigeration, freezing, electricity and water to areas that need disaster relief and off-grid resources. Our Solar Cold Chain Solutions are especially useful in barren, desolate or impoverished regions of the world. Some major corporations and Fortune 500 clients using our solutions include Kellogg’s, Procter & Gamble, American Airlines, Toyota, General Mills, Red Bull, Verizon, and many more.

Are Designed to Use Less Power With:

Change Communities By: Benefits:

Solar Chiller


Solar Cold Box

An industrial-grade, portable, solar-powered cold storage mini-warehouse that provides a completely renewable power source, refrigeration and freezing capacity, as well as water and ice production by utilizing molecules from the air and the power of the sun. Ideal for remote locations and with virtually no operating costs, the Cold Box is deliverable virtually anywhere. Installation is easy and simple, and the box is wired and ready to run. Simply set up the solar panels to harness the solar power. Features:

Solar Power Pak

Provides auxiliary solar power to anyone seeking durable, alternative power options off the grid. Whether you need to power a home or businesses, the Solar Power Pak is your dependable solar solution. It outperforms other solar power resources in its performance and reliability. A key to operating off-grid is utilizing solutions that have a long operating life. The Solar Power Pak is your number one choice for harnessing solar power and dependability. It is a solar power converting station that collects solar energy and converts it to usable AC power for use with virtually any electric device. Features:

Solar Water and Icemaker Maker

The only solar atmospheric water generator powered by the sun. It comes as a freestanding generator or as an attachment to any solar cooler. This fresh water generator uses the atmosphere’s moisture and heat to produce clean drinking water. The solar panels not only power the Solar Water Maker during the day but also charge the battery. This battery lasts up to 15 hours before needing a recharge. With only heat, moisture, and sunlight this water generator, depending on the model, creates between 30 gallons and 1000 gallons each day. Features:


Used in conjunction with the Solar Water Maker, can convert water to produce from 120 to 2300 lbs. of ice daily (55 – 1043 kg) depending on the model selected.